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Here we are shown the natural condition of our souls before God. To the sinful flesh this is painful teaching, unpleasant to say the least, and devastatingly humiliating… So it must be with God who shows us our sins, it is terribly hurtful to our pride, but nevertheless, we praise God for giving us this knowledge of our sin because we know that it is oh so good for us. It is in this way that we come to understand Our Need for Sovereign Love.

You can now listen to or download the audio of the seminar conducted by Rev. John A. Bouwers of Immanuel United Reformed Church in Jordan, Ontario, Canada on February 13, 2016. Here are the links:

Part I: The Sovereign Love

Part II: The Sacrifice of Sovereign Love

Part III: Our Need for Sovereign Love

Part IV: The Power of Sovereign Love

Part V: The Perseverance of Sovereign Love

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