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Life in Gratitude to God (Psalms 106:1-3 and James 2:14-26)

By Rev. Lance Filio Introduction Filipinos are well-known for their positive and negative traits. Positively, we are considered to be hospitable, fun-loving and caring people. As part of the larger culture in Asia, we are also known for our “honor-shame” culture – “Amor propio, Delikadesa at Pagtanaw ng utang na loob.” These values show the […]

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Lord’s Day 12: Christ and the Christian (Isaiah 61:1 and Romans 12:1)

  As Prophet, Christ fully revealed God to us; as Priest, Christ reconciled us to God through his sacrifice; and as King, Christ ruled over his church through his word and Spirit. As members of Christ, we share in his offices. We receive the full potency of ministry as prophets, priests and kings.   By Rev. […]

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